Do you desire to bring beautiful, elegant, hand-lettered details to your wedding, event,
unique project, or small business brand,
but lack the time or skills to bring your creative vision to life?

I can help!

Hi! I am Merrie, the creative hands behind Merrie & Bright Calligraphy!
I am a fine art calligrapher, specialising in whimsical calligraphy. I have trained in calligraphy since 2012 and love to help unveil the creative plans people have in their heads and turn them into tangible mementos

My passion is to create beauty through calligraphy, and as my husband and our sweet little girl can attest, I shine the brightest when I am helping others create beauty.

Do you have a project in mind that I can help with? Write me a note, and let's make your ideas a reality.

I love to support those who help others to unveil beauty in women who have been trafficked, which is why a percentage of my profits are donated to Sari Bari, an organisation offering freedom to women who are trapped in the sex trade. Providing employment in a safe, loving environment, Sari Bari trains women as artisans who create beautiful, sustainable, and handmade products.