Say Hello
Please get in touch with me via the contact form, where I ask for your contact details as well as details of what you would like to work together on. I will then get in touch to set up a consultation. If you are local to Oxfordshire, I would love to meet with you for a coffee. Otherwise, we can have a phone or video call – whichever you prefer!

The main way I communicate with my clients is through a free application called Trello. You can access it via the web or via the Trello app (available for Android and iPhone).  I ask that all communication with me be directed through your board as this is the easiest way to keep track of everything in one place.

Once you establish contact with me, a board will be set up for you with the contact details you have provided, as well as some bits we will come on to below. I will send an invitation to join your board to the email address you have provided. Once you accept, we can get creating!

In order to begin working on your project, I like to first know what your project needs are and what your vision is for your event. In order to gain some knowledge of your preferences and style, it would be great if you could collect some images and examples of what you like and what you are envisioning. You can easily add these to your Trello board under the appropriate card (there will be a card for each piece of work you have mentioned in the original contact form).

Review and Questions
Once we are on the same page regarding your designs, we will discuss the type of materials needed as well as a time frame for your project. For most events, standard turnaround time is two to three weeks depending on the complexity of your design (custom invitation suite designs are four – six weeks). At this time, I will provide you with a price estimate and discuss any questions you might have regarding the process.

Design and Approval
Once we have agreed on the final pieces to be created, I will get to work! If appropriate, I will send you any initial sketches or drafts for approval before proceeding.

Depending on the pieces I am creating for you, I may need to receive materials from you before I am able to proceed. If you have specific materials in mind, you can either deliver them or send them to me. Due to the fact that I am human, I will need to ensure I have enough extra materials for any errors. I require an extra 20% over the amount needed for your order. 

If you don’t have any specific materials in mind, I am happy to help you find something you will love and that will add beauty to your project. There is a small fee for this sourcing service, but in my opinion, it is well worth beginning with quality materials.

Wording and Guest List
If I am creating an invitation for you, I will need the exact wording you would like in a Microsoft Word Document saved to the appropriate Trello card.

If I am addressing envelopes, I also ask for a Word Document formatted with names and addresses EXACTLY as you would like them to appear (i.e. capitalised letters vs. uncapitalised letters, centre justified vs. right or left justified, etc.). Please avoid all abbreviations on your envelopes (i.e. “Street” not “St.”).

Payment and Additional Information
A 50% deposit is required to begin your project and will be applied toward your final payment. A final invoice with the remaining balance will be sent via Trello when your order is ready to be shipped. Upon receiving payment, I will lovingly wrap up your project and send it off to you!

Your final project can be hand delivered to you for a small fee if you are located within Oxfordshire. For clients outside of this area, standard shipping and handling charges will apply.