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improvers modern calligraphy online 


Know the basics of modern Calligraphy?

Need a bit of you time but want some creative structure so you don't just end up scrolling through social media for 4 hours?


Want to improve your skills and learn more advanced techniques?

Improve your calligraphy at your own pace
with 2 weeks of expert support

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This course is for you if:

    • You want to know how to develop your calligraphic style and learn how to use different tools.
    • You need some YOU TIME!
    • You are interested in becoming better at calligraphy to be able to start a business. 
    • You would like to learn a new creative skill which helps combat anxiety and improve wellbeing.
    • You are BUSY and don’t have time to sit down for a 2+ hour workshop.
    • You haven’t been able to attend one of my in person improvers workshops due to distance or inconvenient dates.
    • You’ve been to an in person workshop before, but have fallen out of practice.

Hey, I’m Merrie! I’ve been teaching calligraphy workshops across the UK for the past 5 years. In that time, I’ve taught over 1,000 students the art of modern calligraphy.

I have now gathered everything (and quite a bit more) that I teach in my in-person 6 week workshop for improvers and pulled it together in an online format for the very first time! 

Ready to uplevel your creative skills?

What’s included:

Video Content

videos To walk you through more advanced calligraphic techniques

a box of goodies

a luxury box of calligraphy supplies worth over £50 delivered to
your doorstep

community & connection

Connect with, encourage
& grow with others improving their calligraphy



Private Group

ask me your burning questions and  Get 4 weeks of expert support in a private Facebook Group  

Warm, fuzzy feelings

10% of the profit of sales is going to help fight human trafficking in the UK

All of that for the Price of £150

feeling unsure?

that’s okay –

There are bonuses!

Bonus 1: Bullet Journaling Mini Course

Cate Hamilton runs bullet journalling workshops for corporates and busy people to keep their heads clear. She also co-founded language education company Babel Babies in 2011, has developed an award-winning multilingual Early Years programme, runs The Language Revolution Podcast, and designs and edits The Window Magazine, an aspirational slow print publication for parents in the Cotswolds. 

She’s sharing some of her expertise with us in a mini course about bullet journalling and how calligraphy can be incorporated into a bullet journal. I attended one of her workshops in January 2020 and can honestly say bullet journaling has changed my life. 

Bonus 2: Art Journaling Mini Course

Lucy MacBrayne runs studio and online courses which help creative souls at the beginning of their artistic journey.

In this mini course, she’s sharing an introduction to Art Journaling For Beginners which will kick start your creativity and teach the basic techniques to make and fill your own beautiful hand-made journal in a fun and no pressure way. She will be also be looking at how calligraphy can be incorporated into an Art Journal.

I recently started taking Lucy’s online Art Journaling For Beginners class and it is definitely helping me to focus on the process of creating rather than being worried about making something perfect!

Bonus 3: Watercolour Wreath Painting

Harriet de Winton is an award winning artist and founder of de Winton Paper Co. She is the author of New Botanical Painting and runs workshops throughout the UK. 

In this bonus video, she is demonstrating how to paint a watercolour wreath which could be used to decorate around a calligraphic quote. I have known Harriet for quite a while and can attest to her amazing talent and patience as a teacher! 

Photo credit: Matt Austin

(There also might be
a couple of cheeky discount codes!)

Want to gift this to the calligraphy lover in your life?


Don’t just take

my word for it…

Your workshop set me up with the basic tools and knowledge to enable me to write the envelopes for our evening wedding invitations (and the assurance that you don’t have to be great at it straight away which helped me persevere!) so thank you!

-Lizzy McAuliffe

I recently attended my first modern calligraphy class and loved every minute. Merrie was a fab teacher, very patient and offering great help and guidance. The pace was perfect and the materials supplied were excellent. Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.

-Nicola Harper-Gibbons

Merrie was such a charming and helpful guide as I learned the basics of hand lettering…..Such a fun class!

-Katie Zeller

A very inspirational class to take and so well run. Can’t wait to do more!!! 

-Clara Locke


Is this course the right one for my skill level?

This course is perfect if you have taken a beginner’s calligraphy workshop before and know how to achieve downstrokes and upstrokes with a pointed pen. The course is designed to cover more advanced tools and techniques such as letter styling and layout, so if you have a bit of previous experience, you are in good hands!

If you have not taken a beginner’s course before, the Beginners Modern Calligraphy Online course will be better suited for you.

Do I need Facebook to be able to take this course?

No! The private Facebook group is not an essential part of this course and if you do not have Facebook, you are always more than welcome to email me for feedback instead. 

What Supplies Do I need?

All of the supplies you need will be delivered to your doorstep, so you don’t need to worry about buying anything else for now!

What is the time commitment?

There are over 12 instructional videos to watch which vary in length between a couple of minutes up to 10 minutes each. I would also suggest taking some time to practice the things that you learn in each module to help them stick!

I'm Left Handed. Is this for me?

Yes! As a lefty, you have a natural advantage in the way you approach the paper! When you order, leave me a note whether you would prefer a straight nib holder or an oblique nib holder (these were designed for right handed people originally, but I have had some of my lefties get on quite well with them!).

I have terrible handwriting. Is this for me?

Yes! My handwriting isn’t great, but calligraphy is a completely different practice. Come discover how calligraphy is more like drawing than writing.

Can I buy the course and share my login/worksheets with my friend?

Each person who takes the course is required to register independently. The worksheets and videos are copyrighted and may not be shared with anyone.